Below are some of the important things you need to know while planning your trip to Uganda.


As you plan your travel to Uganda please ensure to upload all required documentation because only travelers with approved visas having applied online will be granted entry into the country. Online visa applications are made at Single -USD50 or East Africa tourist – USD100


Our guests arrive by air, through Entebbe International Airport. The drive to/from Entebbe and Kampala City is about 1hr or more depending . Transfers are organized to and from the airport for any size group. Also check with your airline or your travel agent if you require a visa.


Orogu Tours and travel maintains up to date information regarding security in the country. We advise clients accordingly when they are booking about the safety and security of the country. Like in any other country occasional security issues may arise. if any risks appear to be present, we advise the clients accordingly.


Uganda is blessed to have several airlines that land regularly and these include:- including Uganda Airlines, Kenya Airways (KQ), Rwanda Air, Air Tanzania, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, South African Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Egypt Airlines, and Brussels Airlines. Etc we also have some domestic flights that include Aero link, Bar aviation, Kampala executive aviation, eagle air etc. The companies offering domestic include Aero link Uganda, Eagle Air and Fly KEA


Most of the roads in Uganda major towns are tarmacked and others have road works of maintenance going on which has improved the road network around the country.


One of the reasons Uganda is described as the pearl of Africa is because of its beautiful weather all year round the average temperatures are between 21ºC and 31ºC all year round. There are two rainy seasons from March to May and October to November. Temperatures in mountainous areas may go down to 10°C in certain months. Parks, Lodges and other facilities are open all year round. Any time of the year is good to visit Uganda

Health & Medical

Please bring all personal medications required, clients are fully responsible for securing adequate medical insurance. And its highly recommended that clients cover their own travel insurance to protect them from heavy costs and medical Just incase they may get sick during your safari.

Vaccination & Immunization

Covid 19 vaccination certificate Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for all travelers. Other vaccines to consider Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Meningitis, Rabies, Typhoid It is recommended that you drink bottled or boiled water only sodas and alcoholic drinks are considered safe coffee and teas, as well as fresh fruit juices, are prepared with boiled water


The currency in Uganda is the Uganda Shillings. US dollar, GB Pound and EURO. We have various forex bureaus where you can be able to change foreign currency into Uganda shillings. Large US dollar bills attract the best exchange rates. Currency exchange rates vary at all banks and forex bureaus around Kampala.

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