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Below are some of the important things you need to know while planning your trip in Uganda.

Article 1-Definitions

An agreement between Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd and the client.

Article 2 – Applicability of conditions

2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all arrangements agreed with Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd from the day the agreement is confirmed in written including email.

Article 3 – Conclusion of Agreement

3.1 Content:
The trip offered includes the services and facilities that are expressly described in the offers and publications of Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd. The content of the offer is determined solely on the basis of the information provided by or on behalf of Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd.

3.2 Conclusion of agreement:
The agreement is concluded by the client’s acceptance of Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd.

3.3 Obvious errors
Obvious errors in the offer are not binding. This concerns the price, the content of the service offered or other information of which the client, in view of all the circumstances, could not reasonably assume that Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd intended to explain this. If there is reason to doubt the correctness of the price or information, the client must inquire  Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd about this.

3.4 Special preferences.
If the client expresses certain preferences before or when entering into the agreement, rights can only be derived as the preferences have been accepted as special through a written commitment that the preference will be granted.

3.5 Special requirements
If, at the latest when entering into the agreement, the client makes requirements in connection with his/her medical condition such as special accommodation for wheelchairs, carriers and porters for gorilla trekking, Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd must reject or confirm this requirement and if additional costs are associated with the requirements and these are known, Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd will make a new offer to the client.

3.6 Confirmation of the booking
Immediately after booking the trip, a booking confirmation together with a (deposit) invoice will be sent to the client.

3.7 Withdrawal by the client.
A booking of the trip is final. Cancelation will result in paying cancelation fees as in 8.1

3.8 Minors
The client who books the trip must be of min 18 years. If a minor (<18 years) travels without the persons who have custody of the minor, these persons must send a signed declaration of consent within 7 days of booking. In this case, the agreement will only be finalized after receipt of this statement.

3.9 Booking for other travelers & communication
The client who enters into an agreement on behalf of others to join is liable for all obligations arising therefrom.  The confirmation, invoice, travel documents and all other communication are only sent to the client who makes the booking.

Article 4 – Information

4.1 Travel sum
Mentioned prices are per person, unless expressly stated otherwise. The offered travel sum includes all known unavoidable additional costs, unless the costs cannot be included in the travel sum or are not yet known. If the travel sum is age-dependent, the age on the first day of the trip is decisive.

4.2 Information before the trip
In time before the start of the trip and at latest when the travel documents are provided, the traveler will receive detailed information about the booked safari with the day to day schedule.

4.3 Clients documents
The client must have the necessary travel documents for the trip, such as a passport, visa, vaccination certificates, etc. If the client cannot or cannot fully make the trip due to the lack of valid, complete and correct travel documents, the resulting costs will be fully borne by the client.

4.3 Insurance information
Orogu Tours and travel Uganda ltd advice the client to take a cancellation insurance and travel insurance. 

Article 5 – Information by the client

5.1 Relevant information from the client
Before or at the conclusion of the agreement, the client who makes the booking provides all information relevant to the trip about himself and the other travelers registered by him or her. In particular, this concerns information about the travelers or the composition of the group if this may affect the health or safety of the client or others during the trip. This also includes the safety of the gorillas if gorilla trekking is booked. If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, this may result in the client being excluded from participation by Orogu Tours. In that case, the client owes the cancellation costs in accordance with Article 8.

Article 6 – Payment

6.1 Down payment
After the agreement has been concluded, 25% of the travel sum must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the down payment invoice and in case of gorilla and chimpanzees trekking permits, the full amount of the permits which are non-refundable.

6.2 Remaining payment
The balance of the total must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival.

6.3 Default interest
If payment is not made even after a reminder or if payment has not been made before the start of the trip, OroguTours and travel Uganda ltd has the right to exclude the traveler from participation. The obligation to pay remains. Instead of excluding the client from participation, OroguTours and travel Uganda ltd can cancel the agreement and charge the client for the cancellation costs due.

Article 7 – Change by the client.

7.1 Change
The client who has booked the trip can request to make acceptable changes. Orogu Tours is not obliged to do this. If the agreement can be changed, Orogu Tours will inform the client of the new travel sum. If the client agrees to the costs of the change, the new travel sum and change costs are due.

7.2 Adjustment of departure date or number of travelers
A request to change the departure date does not constitute a change, but a cancellation. Reducing the number of paying travelers does not constitute a change, but a partial cancellation. The cancellation regulation of Article 8 paragraph 2 applies to this.

Article 8 – Cancellation by the client.

8.1 Cancellation
The client can cancel the agreement at any time before the start of the trip. Termination must be in writing. The date on which the written cancellation is received by Orogu Tours is considered the moment of cancellation. In case of receipt after 17:00 or on the weekend, the next working day (Mon-Fri) is considered the date of receipt.

No cancellation fee is applicable for bookings cancelled more than 60 days before date of departure. Should a client cancel a booking 60 days or less prior to the date of departure of the tour for any reason(except due to death),the client shall be liable to
pay a cancellation penalty.

Clients who have to cancel because of health issues will have their cancellation fee covered by their insurance.

The cancellation penalty is calculated by having regard to the nature of the booking, length of notice of cancellation and reasonable potential to find alternative customers. Having regard to thearfore mentioned factors, the following percentages may beforfeitedbythe
customer in respect of the arranged tour price due to a no-show based on the number of days between receipt of the cancellation notice and the date of the departure:

  • 60 Days: No fee applies (unless gorilla permit &chimpanzee permit)have been booked – which are non refundable)
  • 30 – 60 days: 50% of the tour price is held as cancellation.
  • 10 – 29 days: 75% of the tour price is held as cancellation.
  • – 9 days: 100% of the tour price is held as cancellation

All cancellations need to be made in writing and confirmed by the reservations team by email. The above-mentioned cancellation ees are applicable toany pre-booked or pre-paid safari, excursions and activities.

Flights are charged according the cancellation fees of the airlines.

Article 9 – Price Change.

9.1 Price change
Orogu Tours may reserve the right to increase or change the travel sum with regard to agreements already entered into up to 20 days before the day of departure as a result of price changes in the costs of fuel or other energy sources, taxes or fees not the execution of the trip involved third parties and/or exchange rates. The price revision method must be known before the booking and is part of the agreement.

Article 10 – Change.

10.1 Changes
Orogu Tours has the right to change the agreement before the start of the trip insofar as it concerns non-drastic changes due to safety reasons such as nature rampages and terror threats. The client will be informed of this in writing and in a clear manner.
These changes may result in changing the program and accommodation in consideration of the length of the program and qualifications of the booked accommodation.
In the event of major changes, Orogu Tours will immediately inform the client of:
the changes, whereby the client must in a reasonable period notify Orogu Tours in writing of his decision whether the change is accepted or if not whereby Orogu Tours will reimburse for the days left out of the program.

Article 11 – Responsibility.

11.1 Proper execution of the trip
Orogu Toursis responsible for the performance of the travel services to which the agreement relates, regardless of whether these services are performed by Orogu Tours itself or by another travel service provider.

11.2 Changes in itinerary and travel times
Orogu Tours will inform the client about changes in the itinerary or travel times. The client willbe informed at the email address or mobile phone number known to Orogu Tours.

Article 12 – Conformity & non- conformity.

12.1 Conformity
Orogu Tours must perform the agreement in accordance with the expectations that the client may reasonably have on the basis of the publications, the agreement and the circumstances at the travel destinations.

12.2 Complaint obligation client
The client shall immediately inform Orogu Tours in accordance with Article 16 of a non-conformity at the location through the office.

12.3 Solution by Orogu Tours
Orogu Tours ensures that the reported non-conformity is remedied. The non-conformity need not be remedied if this is impossible or if it entails disproportionately high costs taking into account the degree of non-conformity and the value of the relevant service.

12.4 Alternative trip
If a significant part of the trip cannot be performed as agreed, Orogu Tours will offer a suitable alternative, at no additional cost. The client is entitled to a price reduction if the alternative is of lower quality and only applies to the period in which there was non-conformity. The client can only reject the offered alternative if it is not comparable or the price reduction is insufficient.

Article 13 – Help and Assistance.

13.1 Mandatory assistance
Orogu Tours shall provide immediate assistance if the client is in a situation whereby assistance is needed, in particular by providing good information about medical services, local authorities and consular assistance and assisting the client in the use of distance communication and in finding alternative travel arrangements.

13.2 Cost
Orogu Tours will charge a reasonable fee for the help and assistance if the difficulties have arisen through intent or negligence on the part of the client.

Article 14 – Liability, compensation & exoneration.

14.1 Compensation
Compensation includes both damage suffered and compensation for lost travel enjoyment.

14.2 Attribution & force majeure
The client is in no way entitled to compensation for damage incurred by the client as a result of non-conformity, insofar as the non-conformity is due to:
a. the client
b. third parties who are not directly involved in the execution of the agreement and the non-conformity could not be foreseen or prevented.
c. unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

14.3 Liability exclusion
Any liability of Orogu Tours for damage is limited to three times the travel sum, unless the damage results from the death or personal injury of the client or the damage is caused by intentional or negligent act of Orogu Tours.

14.4 Liability exclusion under treaty or Uganda regulation
If Orogu Tours can be held liable for any damage, including damage resulting from the death or personal injury of the client, this liability will in any case be limited or excluded to the limits allowed under the applicable international conventions and /or UGANDA? regulations pertaining to the individual Travel Services.

14.5 Insured damage
Orogu Tours is not liable for damage to the client that is covered by insurance, such as health, travel or cancellation insurance.

14.6 Limitation
Any claim by the client for compensation for damage lapses two years after the trip has taken place or if the trip did not take place two years after the planned date of commencement.

14.7 No Accumulation of Fees
If, for the same event, compensation is due under international treaties or Uganda? regulations, such as the Regulation on denied boarding, cancellation or long delay, such compensation shall not be cumulative with the compensation or price reduction under this agreement. The compensation or damages will be deducted from the damages or price reduction owed by Orogu Tours under this agreement. For the above, it does not matter whether the compensation or compensation under international treaties or UGANDA OR AFRICA ?? regulations is owed by Orogu Tours engaged by it.

Article 15 – Obligations of Client.

15.1 Conduct and follow-up of directions
The client must behave as a reasonably acting client and is obliged to follow all instructions to promote the proper execution of the trip from Orogu Tours.

15.1 Conduct and follow-up of directions
The client must behave as a reasonably acting client and is obliged to follow all instructions to promote the proper execution of the trip from Orogu Tours.

15.2 Consequences of non-compliance – exclusion from participation
In the event of non-compliance with instructions or in the event that a client causes nuisance, Orogu Tours has the right to partially or completely deny the client further participation in the trip. In such a case, the client is not entitled to a refund of monies. Further costs incurred as a result are at the expense and risk of the client.

15.3 Warning
Before proceeding to exclusion from participation, the client will first be given a verbal or written warning.

15.4 Client’s liability
The client is liable for damage caused by his behavior, non-compliance with the obligations in this article or damage that is otherwise attributable to him. The client indemnifies Orogu Tours against claims from third parties involved in the trip for damage caused by the client or attributable to him.

15.5 Checking the time of the return journey
The client must verify the exact time of departure no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the return journey.

Other Provisions.
Article 16- Complaints

16.1 Information
Before the start of the Trip, Orogu Tours will provide the emergency contact details of Orogu Tours.

16.2 Reporting on site
If the client believes that the safari is being performed non-conformly, he must report this non-conformity without delay, but in any case during the safari to Orogu Tours office representative. This notification can be made by Whatsapp, SMS text message, by telephone or on working days (Mon-Fri) during local office hours (9-17h) also by e-mail.Orogu Tours will send the client a confirmation of the notification via the same medium and by e-mail.

16.3 Communication costs by using whats app the cost will be limited.

16.4 Report unresolved complaint after return
All complaints that, in the opinion of the client, have not been or have not been fully resolved or compensated during the trip, must be submitted in writing within two months of return, stating reasons. Orogu Tours is obliged to respond with reasons within one month of receipt of the complaint.

16.5 Consequences of not reporting the non-conformity or complaint or not reporting it in time
Not complaining or not complaining in time in accordance with the second paragraph of this article may affect the amount of any price reduction or compensation, unless the interests o fOrogu Tours are not harmed by the late complaint. Complaints that are not received in time after return will not be processed, unless this is not reasonable in the circumstances of the case.

Article 17- Other provisions

17.1 Third party rights
Subordinates, assistants and other third parties involved in the execution of the agreement can invoke the provisions of the agreement and these terms and conditions (including the liability exclusions) against the client.

17.2 Applicable law
The offer, the Agreement and the execution of the agreement are exclusively governed by Ugandan law. Without prejudice to this choice of law, a consumer is entitled to the protection offered by the mandatory law of the country of his residence if Orogu Toursdirects the commercial activities (including advertising) regarding the agreed Trip to the country where the consumer resides.

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